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When you build a strategy around the experience of your guest, your brand becomes magnetic, and your audience organically becomes a team of brand ambassadors.

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Whatever the reason for your event, you want to do it effectively. You want a simple and effective process that is customized to your brand goals to make your event successful, easy to implement, and fun!


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Get Inviting offers thoughtful and engaging event planning and management support from initial concept to creative and logistical development to seamless delivery. Whether your event is expansive or intimate, corporate, social, or non-profit, every event can be uniquely designed to succeed with the right strategy. Exceeding expectations is the baseline with GIC.

How it works


The Big Picture

Virtual chat about your big picture goals, vision for your event, and business/marketing objectives.


The Perfect Plan

Comprehensive event strategy that aligns your event with your big picture using an effective process that is customized to your brand goals and is easy to implement.


The Follow-through

The element of execution is the soul of your success. Bringing your vision to life and harnessing your strategy to follow through with your guests to realize your success!

Meet Andreia

Andreia [Dre] McLean is a dynamic communication expert with over a decade of experience in media and entertainment. She excels in creating meaningful connections between brands and audiences through strategic digital and in-person interactions. Dre’s career has seen her collaborate with prestigious Canadian fashion and lifestyle magazines, luxury brands, and a diverse range of clients across Canada and the United States, including notable names like GUCCI, Pinterest and Google.

With a blend of entrepreneurial spirit and valuable agency experience, Dre has emerged as a sought-after marketing expert, skillfully converting casual observers into dedicated brand advocates. Her expertise shines in high-profile events like Toronto Fashion Week, the Much Music Video Awards, and the Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards, where her ability to maintain brand consistency and integrate events into digital narratives has been exemplary. With a focus on guest experience and fostering a new generation of talent, Dre continues to innovate in the industry, crafting unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impact.

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Let GIC do the heavy lifting so you can rest assured your event fits into your greater professional or personal brand goals and you can keep your focus forward, knowing your guest experience is carefully curated with a strategy designed for you.