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Connecting brands with people is ultimately all about connecting people with feelings. Get Inviting is all about producing enjoyable and exciting opportunities for companies to invite people into their brand and generate authentic and meaningful connections.



the personal and professional human-to-human, human-to-brand, or brand-to-brand relationships.


the immediate ways to engage with people or brands like entertainment, or celebrations, or purchasing.


the personal or professional eyeballs brought to the table – awareness, cause, interest groups, being seen and presenting yourself as who you want to be seen as.

Meet the founder

Meet the founder

Andreia [Dre] McLean stands at the forefront of brand communication, her passion for fostering connections evident in her impactful work. With a decade-plus in event planning and production, Dre’s strategic execution of both digital and live interactions has driven brand growth and loyalty across Canada and the U.S. Her career took off swiftly, cementing her reputation as a seasoned marketing expert with a knack for innovative strategies. Dre’s portfolio is diverse, featuring alliances with top-tier Canadian fashion, lifestyle, and media outlets, along with personal and luxury brands. Notably, Dre’s leadership on phenomenal event projects with illustrious names like Pinterest and Google speaks to her adaptability in varied marketing arenas.

A unique blend of entrepreneurial drive and agency experience makes Dre a magnet for marketing excellence, engaging audiences to become organic brand advocates. Dre champions holistic marketing, embracing the power of narrative to forge deep audience connections. 

Emphasizing the guest experience
from start to finish and beyond

Founded in 2018 by Andreia McLean, Get Inviting Communications is a boutique event & marketing strategy consultancy located in Toronto, Canada but servicing the globe! What started as an obsession with theme parties at a young age turned into a calling of a career that grew into a business. After attending many beautiful but boring events while working for a magazine, Andreia had to step in and do something about it.

Stepping into an event management role with the same magazine and growing from there, the events Get Inviting touches will never be boring. Emphasizing the guest experience from start to finish and beyond, the crew behind GIC ensures you have true teammates throughout your process. Events should be engaging, and the process should be meticulous and fun!

Ready to get started?

Digital Experiences

The more strategic thought you put into digital engagement, the more of an experience you generate, driving your digital “guests” to connect with your brand and enjoy the ongoing relationship they get to share with you!

Live Immersive Events

Approach your live event with strategic clarity with a custom end-to-end process to maximize brand impact.

Brand Storytelling

Your brand has a story. Crafting a compelling brand narrative that engages, informs, and entertains your audience can be strategically harnessed to generate influence and connect with your audience across multiple platforms.

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