Something to celebrate

90-min online workshop to create a solid plan of action and bring your celebration to life

Create a solid plan of action to bring your celebration to life!

Plan and execute smooth-running, high-converting, and value-packed events that your audience will find irresistible!

Four Modules to Event Success:


The "3 Hosts" you need for an engaging and smooth event.


"Power of Programming" the #1 Mistake is neglecting this event element.


The best way forward through time for you and your guests.


The three takeaways and fun ways to come up with innovative lasting impressions.

Dre McLean, Guest Experience Strategist

Hello hello!

I’m Andreia McLean and I’m known as the go-to experience strategist who turns brand concepts and ideas into highly engaging digital and in-person experiences.

Together with my team, I’ve worked with top event designers and planners on high-profile events like Toronto Fashion Week and the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards, strategized on luxury media events for difficult-to-impress guests, and successfully engaged audiences with a nationwide strategy that resulted in a best-selling book and a 700+ person membership in only ten months.

We’ve seen amazing events fail because they lacked magnetism. We’ve also seen simple events thrive because of the enchanting effects on guests. For the past ten years, and with great success, my team and I have made it our mission to see all your digital, in-person, and hybrid experiences enchant your audiences and convert for your business!

Benefits of a Digital Certification

Every industry has its own set of dedicated courses or further learning for educating its members. Just like a basketball coach might obtain a license to prove their learning to a certain standard, events professionals will use Event Planning or Management courses for the same reason.

Proof of Credentials ​

& Develop Skills You Never Knew You Had

Sharpen Your Skills ​Up-To-Date Industry Knowledge

& Develop Skills You Never Knew You Had

Up-To-Date Industry Knowledge

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Practice Before Application

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Connect With Like-Minded Industry Professionals

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What People Are Saying...

I hand an idea of what I needed to do, but the Get Inviting course helped me realize there are different perspectives of each event, depending on the partner. I feel more confident which helped me a lot during my subsequent events. I find the course material really easy to follow and helpful. My goal at the end was to be able to take what I learned and find a new job in the events world. I like the idea of being organized and creating an event to make someone happy. I learned a lot from previous events I was thrown into and this course helped me learn how to improve each event to make the next ones better.

The Get Inviting course material gets the student to REALLY think about their event in a way that they may not be able to see on their own. I really think this is a helpful way of laying everything out on the table so you can have a clear direction for your event. Just going through the modules I already know this will make a difference in the work I organize my events going forward. I am 1000000000% going to be using this when planning my events. I love the checklist SO much. It makes you think about things you may not remember to think about when you're so busy planning and executing. Thank you for being amazing!

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Create a solid plan of action to bring your celebration to life!

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